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Welcome to the interactive web schedule for CitSci2017! For tips on how to navigate this site, visit the "Helpful Info" section. To return to the main Citizen Science Association website, go to: http://citizenscience.org/association/conferences/citsci2017/. All events will be held at the St. Paul RiverCentre unless otherwise noted.

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  • A-01: Symposium: Advanced Data Sharing
  • A-02: Name(s) Matter(s)
  • A-03: Are Decisions Being Made with the Data we Collect?
  • A-04: Empowering Communities with Aquatic Data Collection
  • A-05: The Power of Place
  • A-06: Data Collection: Reflecting on What Makes a Dataset Robust
  • A-07: Environmental Management
  • A-08: Symposium: Citizen Science Communication - Connecting across disciplines
  • A-09: Evolving How We Think About Our Practice
  • A-10: Symposium: Using Citizen Science and Deep Participation to Support Urban Diversity
  • B-01: Symposium: Citizen Science across a spectrum
  • B-02: Symposium: Waypoints of Science
  • B-03: Things Come Together
  • B-04: Creative Mechanisms for Engaging People
  • B-05: Symposium: The Integrity Diversity and Equity (IDE) Working Group
  • B-06: Symposium: One Billion Wildlife Observations: Crowdsourcing Digital Collections
  • B-07: Symposium: Embrace the Bureaucracy: Navigating Institutional Barriers to Citizen Science
  • B-08: A Listening Session about Citizen Science and Science Learning
  • B-09: Participants and Participation
  • B-10: Partnership and Cooperation
  • C-01: Symposium: World Cafe: Which citizens have a moral responsibility to participate in science and how can we tell when that responsibility has been fulfilled?
  • C-02: Big Ideas From the Global Context
  • C-03: Understanding Who Participates
  • C-04: Issues Around Health Data
  • C-05: Breaking Down Walls to Science Practice
  • C-06: Keeping Tabs on Ethics
  • C-07: Symposium: Citizen Science Crossing the Line: Engendering Behavior Changes in Participants
  • C-08: Understanding Participants
  • C-09: Community-driven Coastal Governance
  • C-10: Symposium: Building engaged citizen science communities through libraries
  • D-01: Symposium: Designing Collaborative Science Projects and Tools for Conservation
  • D-02: Symposium: Advancing Biomedical Research With Academic Research and Public Creativity
  • D-03: Symposium: The Emerging Whole: Putting Citizen Science in Place
  • D-04: Tools for People Running Projects
  • D-05: Symposium: Professional development and curricular resources
  • D-06: Symposium: Integrating Citizen Science into Conservation Resource Management: Strategies and Impacts
  • D-07: Symposium: A Diversity of BioBlitz Approaches
  • D-08: Symposium: Evidence-based principles to guide project owners in the co-management of project participants within the SciStarter ecosystem
  • D-09: Symposium: How do we figure out what works for youth in citizen science?
  • D-10: Symposium: How do we figure out what works for youth in citizen science?
  • E-01: Symposium: Advancing our Global Understanding of Citizen Science Engagement through Cross Programmatic Research
  • E-02: Community Empowerment
  • E-03: Engaging Students in Rich Science Experiences
  • E-04: Winning Over Educators by Supporting Them
  • E-05: Participant Engagement and Retention
  • E-06: The Power in Traditional Knowledge
  • E-07: Transforming Institutions and Models with Citizen Science
  • E-08: Insights from Computer Science
  • E-09: Web Development Insights
  • E-10: Symposium: A Global Movement: CS Around the World from a Scientific-Social-Cultural-Political Context
  • Main Agenda Item
  • Poster Session 1
  • Poster Session 2
  • Project Slam!
  • Roundtables: Tools for Citizen Science